Latest Work

Added "access key" to activate additional search

The equals (=) key is now able to be used with the "Alt" key (Alt-=) to get the next resources resulting from the Google Web Search call. This allows for the user to pretty easily use the "Ctrl-tab", "Ctrl-W" and "Alt-=" keys to efficiently cycle through search results without the use of the mouse (after the initial search string is entered)

Added context menu search

The user can now highlight text in the main window to LookAhead upon. An additional "LookAhead" option is added to the context menu within the main viewing area if text is selected. This is now the main search text and can be searched upon again with Alt+=. Especially useful for names of persons and of institutions, etc. for further information.

Added configuration menu item

The user can now select the number of tabs to open - between 3 and 10 - so that it can be managed according to user preferences.

Added Google key entry menu item

The user can select this menu item and a dialog box will open for the user to enter their Google key. Added to support massive onslaught of downloads expected due to FireFox 0.9 release (Ha ha)

Ability to open in existing tabs

A user can now choose to open new search result URLs in the tabs they already have open. This is configurable.

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