Justification for wasted hours

Domain restricted searching

One thing that LookAhead can do for you is potentially cut down on worthless results by restricting the domain in which you perform your search. That is - for the nonTechies - if you're seriously searching for information about a topic, often the ".com" domain can be rather bothersome. By limiting your search to the ".edu" or ".org" domains, for example, you often are searching a somewhat less 'polluted' area of the web. To limit your search to a particular domain like this, go to Tools | LookAhead | Configure and use the "Restrict Domain" pulldown menu.

Searching on selected text

It is not widely recorded on this site that you can select text and bring up the context menu (via a right click) and perform a LookAhead search that way. This is also a great way for PowerSearching and super for stream-of-consciousness web browsing!

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