Future Big Plans

Add to existing Google toolbar (Finished)

Having another edit box in the browser with the Google toolbar is a bit annoying. However, my lack of experience and time has not allowed me to pursue this improvement. My idea would involve adding an option to the drop down menu provided in the Google toolbar which would allow the user to turn on or off the LookAhead feature. The toolbar would also need to be modified to allow for Google API license key entry unless another method could be thought of to allow its entry.

Allow for configurable number of prefetched URLs (Finished)

The default number of URLs fetched in a single search is set at a default value of 10. This may be too many for many users as the overall downloading of each individual URL is done in a single thread of execution. Thus, it limits the speed at which any one URL can be downloaded. It would be nice to allow the user to set a value he/she is happy with after some experimentation.

Add more configuration of Google API usage (Finished)

In particular, it would nice to allow for turning on/off "adult" content availability (supported by Google API) and somehow to support spelling suggestions (also supported by Google API).

Add context menu in main viewing area to LookAhead (Finished)

Allow the user to select text and perform a LookAhead search upon the phrase (like the "Web search" option).

Add option to screen PDF, Word and PPT files

The popping up of PDF, etc. files can be annoying. We can add an option to supress the fetching of these URLs

Add Google Key Entry Menu Option (Finished)

Because a default Google key is now offered with the package, the need to enter a Google license key has been removed. There does, however, need to be a place for people to enter one in the case that the 1,000 search limit for the distributed key is ever reached.

Persist Configuration Data (Finished)

When a user configures the extension, the settings in the dialog box presented do not reflect the current settings but instead some default settings. This is not good and requires fixing (if possible)

Improve Context from Selected Text

When selecting text from the context menu for searching, the user should be allowed to search for the selected text as a phrase and to add the selected text to the existing search string.

Add "Tips" Dialog

Every 50 or so searches will pop up a dialog box showing a tip on how to most effectively use LookAhead

The lookahead project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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