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The extension for the Firefox browser was created to provide for efficient usage of time while a user performs Internet searches.

The extension adds functionality to the existing SearchBar in Firefox. See the screenshot page for an idea of how it will look after installation.

The project was conceived as a result of an idea the project lead had for a year or so of making use of the ability of a machine to download multiple web pages while the user was viewing one page for the desired information. In utilizing the time the user is viewing a web page for relevant information to retrieve additional resources, the time normally spent waiting for the next resource to download is somewhat avoided.

The idea is fairly simple and little code is required. After the user chooses the LookAhead mode for web searches in the search toolbar, subsequent searches use the Google or Yahoo! Web Service to query for URLs matching the search and these URLs are loaded into multiple tabs in the browser (the default is to open 5 tabs but is configurable). The user can then quickly scan the returned resources for the desired information and close those windows providing nothing of value.

A Google key isn't required (a default Google key is used), but if enough people end up using this, the 1,000 searches/day limit may be reached and your search will fail. A Google key can be obtained here.

No key is needed for Yahoo! searches

More justification...

Use the "alt-=" key combination!! Read the recommended usage

Recommended for users with broadband connections!

Give it a try! Don't be lazy about the Google license key - it's very simple to get one.

It is the project lead's opinion that the LookAhead extension can lead to both more enjoyable browsing and more productive browsing of the World Wide Web.

To install, go to here where updates live

The lookahead project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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